Marte Meo®

Marte Meo® is a practical approach to helping families support their child’s development, particularly social-emotional development. Speech, language and social skills are closely linked. Marte Meo® Therapists identify everyday ‘connection’ moments between a child and their parent or carer by recording and analysing video footage of the parent and child playing together.  Some brief structured, everyday activities are also filmed.  Families are then guided to see the moments in which they can support their child’s developmental goal moment by moment.

Some examples of goals include: ‘using words’, ‘understanding instructions’, ‘staying for longer at an activity’, ‘increasing confidence’, ‘understanding big feelings’, ‘attending and listening’, ‘playing together’, ‘moving successfully between activities’ and many more.

2021: Please note, the clinic is currently at capacity and not able to accept new referrals.  Please check back here for updates in 2022.